Incheon Coastal Passenger Terminal Jeju
Overall view of the Coastal passenger Terminal(Jeju)


To Provide convenient passenger and cargo transportation services for people living in the capital area, Jeju-do residents, tourists, companies, and shippers who travel Incheon Port and Jeju Island.


Location 88, Coastal Pier, Jung-gu, Incheon(Hang-dong 7-ga,)
Area Total floor area of 1,775㎡(Terminal 1st floor waiting room)
Operatio commencement date Undefined
Overall view of the Coastal passenger Terminal(Jeju)


Facility Operator Note
Operation Office Incheon Port Facilities Management Center Tel. 1599-5985 (Choose domestic line #2)
Shipping Company's Office Hydex Storage Co., Ltd. Tel. 032-887-9000 (Inquiries for passenger and cargo services)
Ticket Office Tel. 032-887-9041~44 (Ticketing booth)
Waiting Room Incheon Port Facilities Management Center Waiting area for users and visitors.
Various amenities provided
Nursing Room One nursing room on the left side of the central entrance of the building
Rest Room Two: one on the left side and the other on the right side of the building

Nursing Room/Children's Lounge

  • One nursing room and children's lounge in the waiting room
  • Diaper changing station and hand sanitizer are always available. It can be used by infants and their guardians freely.

Wheelchair and Crutch Rental Service

  • They can be rented at the information desk upon inquiries and cooperation.


  • 01. Picking up the boarding pass
    • A boarding pass can be issued two hour before departure at the ticketing booth in the terminal waiting room.
    • Mobile boarding pass holders can board immediately without issuing a paper boarding pass after checking the mobile boarding pass at the ticket gate
    • Those who do not have a mobile boarding pass must receive a paper boarding pass at the ticket office on the day and present it at the ticket gate.
    • Passengers who have booked tickets must pick up their boarding pass 30 minutes before the departure time (if not, the reservation may cancel)
    • Passengers that booked tickets in advance must exchange their tickets for a boarding pass at the ticketing booth on the day of boarding.
    • Presentation of an ID card (resident registration card, driver's license, passport or certificate issued by national and public institutions, registration card for people with disabilities, student ID card/photo ID card)
      ※ Boarding passes for elementary, middle, and high school students can be issued as their guardian or a teacher in charge confirms their ID.
    • For discount information, consult the ticketing staff when buying a boarding pass or contact the operator directly.
  • 02. Passing the boarding gate before departure time
    • Passengers must pass the boarding gate from one hour to 20 minutes before the departure time, and each passenger must present his/her boarding pass.
    • If not, boarding can be denied at the gate.
      ※ However, it may change depending on the number of people on board (situation)/div>
  • 03. Boarding
    • When boarding a vessel, each passenger must present his/her boarding pass and ID card to the operator staff.
    • Boarding will not be allowed for those who do not have an ID card.

Cargo and Car Ferries

※ The place of boarding and disembarking may change without prior notice due to the ship's circumstances.
  • 01. For information on loading vehicles, cargo, and bicycles, and how general passengers can ride a boat with infants and people with disabilities, contact the shipping company in advance for assistance. ☎ 032-887-9000 (Hydex Storage Co., Ltd.)

Cargo and Car Ferries

Name of vessel Route Duration Contact Info. Note
Cargo Allowed Vehicle Allowed
Hydex Storage Co., Ltd./
Beyond Trust Incheon-Jeju 13Hour 032-887-9000
  • Baggage limit per person: 15 kilograms and 1.5 meters in combined width + depth + height; if exceeded, shipping is not allowed.