Transportation and Parking(Jeju)

How to Get here

  • Street Address : 88, Coastal Pier, Jung-gu, Incheon
    (Old address : 85-72, Hang-dong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon)
  • By bus :
    • City bus : Take bus number 12, 24 bound for Daehan Seorim in front of McDonald’s opposite Dongincheon Station (about 30 ~ 40 minutes), and take bus number 14 in front of Jemulpo Station (about 40 ~ 50 minutes)
    • Intercity Bus : - Get off at Incheon Intercity Bus Terminal (Gwangyo-dong) and use the city bus
      ※ - Board the 36 in front of Kim's Club (Time required approximately 1 hour)
  • By car :
    • From the 1st Gyeongin Expressway, 2nd Gyeongin Expressway, and Incheon terminals to Yeonan Pier and Incheon Port Passenger Terminal (Jeju) following the road signs.
  • By subway :
    • Go out Exit 2 of Dongincheon Station (Incheon Subway Line 1), cross the street at a crosswalk, walk for 50m, and Take bus number 12, 24 bound for Daehan Seorim in front of McDonald’s opposite Dongincheon Station(It takes about 20 minutes by taxi to get to the Coastal Passenger Terminal from Dongincheon Station, which is 6km away.)

Parking rates

Time Small car standard
Basic (30 minutes) ₩1,000
Every 15 minutes or more ₩500
1 day(every 24 hours) ₩10,000
Remark No season

Compact cars

  • Basic 30 minutes ₩1,000
    • Ex.) 2 hours ₩4,000 / 3 hours ₩6,000 / 4 hours ₩8,000 / 5 hours ₩10,000
  • Up to 10,000 won from 24 hours on arrival (per day)
  • 50% discount for subcompact cars, disabled people, and national merit vehicles / supporting documents and ID are required
    (Discounts are allowed only if you have a permit or placards for people with disabilities and national merits (patients suffering from defoliant) and only when the person who received the permit or placards is actually in the vehicle.)
  • 50% discount on multi-child preferential card holders
    (when paying with multi-child preferential card by local government or presenting multi-child family(the youngest child is under 15) certificate documents (resident registration copy, health insurance card, etc.)
  • 50% discount on low emission vehicles
    (Only for vehicles with LEV parking hang tag/sticker issued by the government offices)
  • 50% discount on vehicles which is a pregnant woman on board
    (when presenting certificate documents issued by a hospital or public health center)
  • Parking lot management company: Incheon Port Facility Management Center 032) 570-6118
  • Street Address : 88, Coastal Pier, Jung-gu, Incheon (Hangdong 7-ga, Incheon Port Coastal Passenger Terminal(Jeju))
    (Address : Incheon Port Coast Passenger Terminal(Jeju), 88, Hang-dong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon)

Large Cars(No entry or parking allowed)

  • Please note that buses are not allowed.
  • Leave after taking off group passengers

Transportation and parking information for those with vulnerable road users (e.g., elderly and disabled)

  • (Parking fee discount) 50% discount on regular parking fees offered to people with disabilities when presenting documentary evidence (Not valid in conjunction with any other discounts)