Parking rates

Time Small car standard
Basic (30 minutes) ₩1,000
Every 15 minutes or more ₩500
1 day (every 24 hours) ₩10,000
Remark No season

Compact cars

  • Basic 30 minutes ₩1,000
    • Ex.) 2 hours ₩4,000 / 3 hours ₩6,000 / 4 hours ₩8,000 / 5 hours ₩10,000
  • Up to 10,000 won from 24 hours on arrival (per day)
  • 50% discount for subcompact cars, disabled people, and national merit vehicles / supporting documents and ID are required
    (Discounts are allowed only if you have a permit or placards for people with disabilities and national merits (patients suffering from defoliant) and only when the person who received the permit or placards is actually in the vehicle.)
  • 50% discount on multi-child preferential card holders
    (when paying with multi-child preferential card by local government or presenting multi-child family(the youngest child is under 15) certificate documents (resident registration copy, health insurance card, etc.)
  • 50% discount on low emission vehicles
    (Only for vehicles with LEV parking hang tag/sticker issued by the government offices)
  • Discount on vehicles which is a pregnant woman on board
    (when presenting certificate documents issued by a hospital or public health center)
  • Attached parking lot (paid public parking lots)
  • Parking lot management company: Incheon Port Facility Management Center 032) 570-6118
  • Street Address: 70, Coastal Pier, Jung-gu, Incheon (Hangdong 7-ga, Incheon Port Coastal Passenger Terminal)
    (Address: Incheon Port Coast Passenger Terminal, 88, Hang-dong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon)

Large cars(No entry or parking allowed)

  • Please note that buses are not allowed. Please use the parking lot near the 1st International Passenger Terminal (around 25 parking spaces).