Ship Boarding Procedures

  • Coastal Ferry
  • Terminal
  • Ship Boarding Procedures
  • 1. Picking up the boarding pass
    • A boarding pass can be issued one hour before departure at the ticketing booth in the terminal waiting room.
    • Passengers who have booked tickets must pick up their boarding pass 30 minutes before the departure time (if not, the reservation may cancel)
    • Passengers that booked tickets in advance must exchange their tickets for a boarding pass at the ticketing booth on the day of boarding.
    • Presentation of an ID card (resident registration card, driver's license, passport or certificate issued by national and public institutions, registration card for people with disabilities, student ID card/photo ID card)
      ※ Boarding passes for elementary, middle, and high school students can be issued as their guardian or a teacher in charge c o n f i r m s their ID.
    • For discount information, consult the ticketing staff when buying a boarding pass or contact the operator directly.
  • 2. Passing the boarding gate before departure time
    • Passengers must pass the boarding gate from 30 minutes to 10 minutes before the departure time, and each passenger must present his/her boarding pass.
    • If not, boarding can be denied at the gate.
  • 3. Boarding
    • When boarding a vessel, each passenger must present his/her boarding pass and ID card to the operator staff.
    • Boarding will not be allowed for those who do not have an ID card.